Historic summit について考える。 オンライン英会話学習記録 2018.06.15




Trump, Kim Exchange Summit Commitments



I think the world is becoming a safer place.
The North just got financial support from the US without them keeping their end of the bargain, which is denuclearization.
In my opinion, the worst case scenario is Trump attacks the North if he confirms the agreement is no longer effective.
Kim wants to visit the White house soon to become the first one in North Korea leader who is invited by a sitting US president.
By doing so, Kim can show his existence and importance to the world , which can help North negotiate with South Korea, China, Russia and Japan.
The North is still under sanctions.
Kim’s assets are frozen by the US
Kim thought Trump is dangerous and needs to have an agreement that can guarantee his regime
Trump’s strategy worked well.
It’s not worthwhile. OR It’s a waste of time.
The abductees have grown old without seeing their relatives.
Due to time constraints.
We won’t agree unless the issue is fully resolved (without the issue being resolved).レッスン後には以下のコメントと要約が送られ来ました。

frenemy ってこれからよく使っちゃいそうな単語です。笑

Today, we tackled the ‘meeting of the century’. You explained that the outcome is slightly favorable because it’s the first step in achieving a nuclear-free North Korea. However, they have a history of not fulfilling their promises so people need to watch out for their next moves. As you mentioned, it’s also quite risky for them because violating the deal means that they have to face the ramifications and the wrath of Pres. Trump. He is known for being impulsive and combative so he might ultimately go for a military solution.

You also expressed your disappointment over their failure to discuss the abduction and other human rights issues. Also, before PM Abe agrees to giving financial aid to NK, they should make a public apology and ensure that Japanese abductees are reunited with their family. If Pres. Kim is really sincere, he should let them go as a sign of good faith.

Now, there are many lingering questions as to the details of the denuclearization. It’s clear that they both agreed that NK will destroy its nuclear weapons but critics are focusing on two adjectives: ‘verifiable and irreversible’. North Korean media has praised their leader and portrayed the American leader as their friend. It remains to be seen how this deal can boost NK’s economy and if the two leaders will become allies or stay as frenemies.