海洋汚染んついて考えてみた。オンライン英会話 学習記録 2018.06.09



Marine problems: Pollution



staggering /ˈstæɡərɪŋ/ : extremely great or surprisin
pesticide /ˈpestɪsaɪd/ : a chemical substance used to kill insects and small animals that destroy crops
deliberate /dɪˈlɪbərət/ :  intended or planned
run-off: rain or other liquid that flows off the land into rivers
Fertilizer /ˈfɜːrtl-aɪzər/ : a substance that is put on the soil to make plants grow
lawn /lɔːn/ :   an area of ground in a garden or park that is covered with short grass
eutrophication :富栄養化 when a body of water becomes overly enriched with minerals and nutrients that induce excessive growth of plants and algae.
algae / ˈældʒiː/ 藻類
deplete / dɪplíːt/ : 使い果たす
suffocate / sˈʌfəkèɪt/ :窒息させる
make ones way : 行く (Solid garbage also makes its way to the ocean.)
seal : あしか
Sewage /súːɪdʒ/: 下水
disperse / dɪspˈɚːs/ :分散する
marine life : 海洋生物




• What is/are the impacts of plastics on marine life?
There’re several negative impacts of plastics that causes death of marine life. For example, Animals may eat plastics by mistaking them for food, which might stop breathing which leads to their suffocation. Plastics are impossible to digest so that they are staying remain in animals’ body. Due to this, their appetite is affected and when they eat food, they won’t be able to get sufficient nutrients because the digestive tract is blocked. Also, ocean animals aquatic animals might be trapped in the disposal of fishing tools, which animals they can’t escape.

• Do you think the use of plastic should be banned?
I think the use of plastic should be restricted right away. Plastics are cheap andconvenient substance because of its properties that are light and to be easily foamed its shape by heating. easily adjustable/moldable properties. For example, you can change its shape just by heating it or just by applying heat. However, most of the plastics are used only once single-use plastics or disposable, and the used ones finally reached the ocean where animals can be killed by them. We highly depend on the plastic products, so immediate ban is not realistic. Therefore the use of plastics should be gradually restricted by the law to prevent the further ocean pollution.

• Which do you think is the most harmful among the top causes of marine pollution (oil, fertilizer,garbage, sewage, and chemicals)?Why?
I think chemical pollution is the most harmful factor. Chemicals taken in animal’s body will be concentrated, so called bio-accumulation through the process called bio-accumulation, and many sea animals have been killed or born with deformed deformities. Not to mention, we have there’s a risk that we eat fish together with the accumulated chemicals contaminated fish. Pregnant women are advised not to eat tuna because their bodies include contain lots of chemicals or heavy metals. Therefore, I think chemical pollution is the most harmful to human being.

• Have you heard if there are bodies of water that are polluted/contaminated in your country?
I think one of the experiences issues we have in Japan is the release of water containing radiation to the pacific ocean from Fukushima nuclear plant.  Fukushima nuclear plant has been generating a lot of contaminated water to cool down the reactor, and some of the radiation radiated water needed to be released to the ocean because of the tank space limitation. This release was actually no harmful to fish, however, the thing is that consumers probably think it’s absolutely dangerous and they don’t want to buy fish from Fukushima area. This harmful rumor strikes fishermen’s income.

• How do you think this problem can be addressed?
→このthis が前項を指すことをレッスン中に気づきました・・・。

Plastics are essential materials in our daily life. Therefore, it takes some years to achieve no plastics plastic free society. However, there‘re is something we can do to stop marine pollution. For example, when you we drink coke, we should recycle the plastic bottles. or, we should stop using plastic bags when you buy groceries. In these way By doing so,  the consumption of the plastics can be reduced.
→we, we で節を組み立てていなかったため、講師も最初困惑していました。

• What will happen if we are not able to protect the ocean?
If we are not able to stop the marine pollution, our life will be completely changing our life will be completely changed or will completely change. We can’t eat seafood any longer because they have concentrated toxic chemicals, micro plastics and so on, which are harmful to human. We can’t enjoy marine sports if the beaches are filled with the garbage, which affects the local economy around there. This also affects the local economy around there. And what’s more, a lot of marine species will be at the risk of extinction.

• What can be done to raise people’s awareness with regards to marine pollution or conservation?

I think it is important to understand how much damages we have given to the ocean how much damage man-made activities has caused.  In school,  it’s a good idea for teachers to talk about the negative aspects of the plastics, using actual data and photos. In this way. children can understand the situation and think about what they can do to improve the marine environment. They might talk to their parents about marine pollution, and their parents might think about reducing the plastic bag usage. Therefore, for as a first step, educating children as well as adults are essential to stop the environmental deterioration.